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Photographer. Digital artist. Creative director at Creatures United. Zoology student. Emotionally involved with biodiversity loss and climate change. For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about two things: animals and creating images. Two paths that ended up coming together and have led me to do what I do.


Spain - Apr/Jun 2016 - "Luz Profunda" - Rec. Modernista Sant Pau - Barcelona, Spain.

Taiwan - Jan/Aug 2016 - "Lets Dance!" Animals - Chimei Museum - Tainan, Taiwan.

France - January 2016 - "Masques" - TwentyTwo Gallery - Lyon, France.

United Kingdom - December 2014 - Columbia Road Arts Gallery - London, UK.

Monaco - April 2014 - "As Human As..." - Carre Dor Gallery - Monaco, Monaco.

Canada - March 2014 - Hotel Meridien Montreal - Montreal, Canada.

Cambodia - November 2013 - 9th Angkor Photo Festival - Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Japan - Octover 2013 - UltraSuperNew Gallery + Subject Matter - Tokyo, Japan.

Spain - December 2012 - "San Sebastian 56/88" - F. Arte y Desarrollo - Madrid, Spain.


For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about two things: animals and creating images. I remember perfectly the hours I spent as a child leafing through the encyclopedia on fauna that my parents gave me as a present. Twelve volumes that gave me more entertainment than anything else in my childhood. Well, maybe my first video game console and the afternoons playing with my brother surpassed that.

I suffered the effects of bullying from a very young age. That led me to withdraw into my animal books, TV series and drawing. I could spend my days drawing. When you feel you have no friends and you are bullied, it is a powerful and unconscious tool to escape.

As time went on, I was found to have a tumor on my spine that practically stole my adolescence. Creativity has always been my means of escape and expression. Regardless of the greater or lesser quality of my works, creating them has allowed me to continue advancing and building myself as an individual, and, above all, to get rid of the monsters that tormented me. Drawing, painting, photography or music have been the backbone on which to support me.

From this point on, everything started to get better.

I studied artistic baccalaureate and fine arts. There I met people who were like me and, together with my best friend, we founded our first graphic design company. I was self-taught as a photographer. After a few years we abandoned the project to focus on photography (me) and animation (Manel, my friend). I continued working as a photographer and creating oneiric images until I founded with other friends an audiovisual production company. It was a few years where I worked a lot in video format. We created music videos among other things. It was fun, and exhausting.

In the meantime, my series of animal portraits Zoo Portraits emerged. Maybe because of my constancy in networks, a stroke of luck or both, the series went viral. It appeared in print all over the world. It was overwhelming. At that time I met Isabelle, who has been the person who helped (and continues to help) me shape the project into what it is today: a key part of an international foundation for species conservation called People V Extinction.

Interestingly enough, all of this led me back to my other great passion: animals. So I decided to start a career in environmental biology to major in zoology. Being a father and the Covid19 pandemic have forced me to pause my studies, but I'm sure I'll be able to resume them soon.

I continue to take photographs when fatherhood allows me to do so. I'm still creating species for the animal portrait series and working as creative director on People V Extinction. I continue to make surreal digital illustrations that help me disconnect. But most of all I continue to grow and learn.

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