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I have always been attracted to the feeling of exclusion. Where many people see ugliness, I find and imagine stories and beauty. I guess my own social exclusion in childhood has led me to it. Artists such as Diane Arbus or Richard Avedon were decisive in my decision to dedicate myself to photography. They captured like no one else the beauty of those people who walked the social margins.

In my case, the difficulty to approach those people I would really like to portray has led me to find those margins through photomontage. My portraits are based on traditional photography. Portraits shot with a Hasselblad X1D, which later pass through the filter of my imagination to turn them into those disturbing individuals that pass through my head.

One of the advantages of not having focused on a single creative aspect throughout my career is being able to approach my images from different creative approaches. Explore aesthetics that go beyond the “conventional”. And above all, to be able to let myself be carried away by what my imagination dictates when I sit in front of a photograph. Little by little, I am finding my own aesthetics where the characters become coherent with each other. Something that I tried to force for too long and that can only come by letting it flow.

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