Javiera Mena – Sincronía pegaso

Javiera Mena ‘s team contacted me to make the videoclip of her song Sincronía Pegaso, and second single of her album, a week before the shooting dates. An overwhelming project, with a much bigger budget than the ones he had done so far, and an artist with much more commercial pull. Debating whether to do it or not, and talking about it with my partner Núria Gámiz, we decided to look for a production person who could move everything in just a few days. Let’s not forget that Javiera came from working with Canada and with videos of the stature of Espada. And then came Laia Barot, who did real magic with time and budget.

The idea was simple, in an introspective and fantastic journey of Javiera, through visual references that marked me at the time, such as Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke and the folk tales of the Brothers Grimm. The fantastic and tribal with the modern, which was what the song conveyed to me. Javiera agreed and we got down to work.

It’s wonderful when an artist trusts your vision to give images to their music. Actors, actresses, the whole crew did a wonderful job. This video could not have been made without each and every one of the people who participated, of which there were many.

Pegasus Synchrony has been, for me, one of those moments when you feel that you have taken a step further and have managed to do something in which to excel.

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