Yago Partal x Creatures United

In 2012 I published the first images of what would become my most successful project. Initially titled Zoo Portraits, it would lead me to exhibit (with the help of Subject Matter Art) in places like Tokyo, Toronto, London, Lyon or Chimei, among others. The series went viral, and since then, together with Isabelle Bazsó, we have been working to shape it as a project and bring it closer to another of my main interests: wildlife and species conservation.

Ten years later, Zoo Portraits has become part of a much larger project: Creatures United. My anthropomorphic creatures are now the central image of a charity created to protect the planet’s species and educate people about the importance of this. Currently, the species gallery represents a wide spectrum of the fauna of our planet.

In addition, in my online print store you can purchase prints of the characters, and thus support my work. 10% of all sales go to Creatures United to support conservation projects.

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