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The Health of the Planet is Our Health: The Impact of Biodiversity and Human Activities on the Emergence of Zoonotic Diseases

This article explores the relationship between biodiversity loss and the emergence of zoonotic diseases. Human activities, from deforestation to climate change, are causing drastic changes in ecosystems, increasing the risk of infectious diseases. The protection of biodiversity and the conservation of natural habitats are fundamental to our own health and well-being.


Domestic Animal Overpopulation: Solutions through Public Policy, Spay/Neuter and Responsible Adoption

This article addresses the growing problem of pet overpopulation and highlights how public policies, sterilization and responsible adoption can be effective solutions to improve the quality of life of animals and overall public health. Success stories from different countries are analyzed and recommendations are offered to face this challenge collectively.


Artificial Intelligence and Ethics: Challenges, Solutions and Future Perspectives.

In this article, we analyze the ethical challenges that artificial intelligence presents today and how these technological advances may impact society and humanity in the future. We also explore possible solutions, such as the implementation of regulatory frameworks, the use of blockchain and the importance of education in ethical decision making in the field of AI.


Working with AIs: Challenges, Ethics and Creativity in the Digital Age

Artificial intelligences are transforming the world of digital art, raising challenges and ethical dilemmas related to authorship, copyright and originality of works. In this article, we address these challenges and discuss how artists can address them responsibly and ethically, while exploring new forms of human-machine collaboration in art making.


Travel with a Conscience: How Responsible Tourism Helps Protect Biodiversity

Responsible tourism can be a powerful tool for species conservation, addressing the moral dilemma of tourism and the problems associated with mass tourism. In this article, we explore how responsible tourism contributes to biodiversity conservation through income generation, education and awareness, support for local communities, and the creation of protected areas. In addition, we offer practical suggestions for adopting sustainable and conscious tourism practices for the benefit of biodiversity and our planet.


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