Category: Biology

The Health of the Planet is Our Health: The Impact of Biodiversity and Human Activities on the Emergence of Zoonotic Diseases

This article explores the relationship between biodiversity loss and the emergence of zoonotic diseases. Human activities, from deforestation to climate change, are causing drastic changes in ecosystems, increasing the risk of infectious diseases. The protection of biodiversity and the conservation of natural habitats are fundamental to our own health and well-being.


Dinosaurs: classification, evolution and surprising curiosities

Explore the world of dinosaurs in our concise encyclopedia covering classification, evolution and surprising trivia about these prehistoric creatures that dominated the Earth for millions of years. Discover the major dinosaur groups, their unique characteristics and some of the most iconic species that have captured our imagination.

Cambio climático y ecosistemas vulnerables afectados

What is the difference between ecology and environmentalism?

Ecology and environmentalism are two related but distinct concepts, with ecology being a science that studies ecosystems and the interactions between organisms and their environment, and environmentalism being a social and political movement that seeks to protect and improve the environment through sustainable policies and practices. Understanding the difference between the two is crucial to effectively address environmental problems and promote a sustainable future.


Brief encyclopedia of bees

Bees play a crucial role as pollinators in our ecosystem. In this brief encyclopedia, we explore the characteristics and functions of the main bee species, the challenges they face and the importance of protecting them to preserve biodiversity and ensure food production worldwide.


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