Algora – Europe and the forest in love

Europa is a journey through the fantasy of children, through fables and dreams. And it is a tribute to the fantastic imaginary of my childhood. And it also accompanies a song by Algora, which is very special to me.

This was my last video clip. Behind him I felt a great frustration. I will always be grateful to the artists and bands that trusted me to make their music videos. And I will also understand that budgets for this type of work are extremely tight for independent artists. But there is something that ended up consuming my desire to continue making clips: not being able to pay anything to the people who worked with me to bring them to life. Beyond the frustration of not being able to give a professional quality to the videos, the compensation to those who helped us create them was always present.

And none of this is the artists’ fault. I simply never assumed that the budget is an unavoidable limit to do a good job. And I decided to give it all the same. Afterwards, with the result, frustration appeared when I saw the results, and the feeling of guilt for having dragged others down with me.

Europa is a video clip that I love. It features the work of wonderful artists such as Bruno Hidalgo in the illustrations or Aina Vela in the makeup FX. But the images in general do not meet the expectations of what I would have liked to capture, due to scarce resources. And so, with what is for me the best lyricist in Spain, Algora, I said goodbye until an opportunity arises to do better.

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